Skipped That Furnace Inspection Last Fall? Do It Now, and Include the A/C Too

Skipped That Furnace Inspection Last Fall? Do It Now, and Include the A/C Too

Skipped That Furnace Inspection Last Fall? Do It Now, and Include the A/C TooOne of the best ways to keep your energy bills in check year round is to schedule your annual A/C and furnace inspection before the Pasadena heating and cooling seasons commence. Heating and cooling your home accounts for about 50 percent of your annual energy bill. An inefficient system can increase your utilities considerably, as well as increase your carbon footprint due to higher emissions. An annual inspection and tune-up of your furnace and air conditioner also help prevent breakdowns when your system is needed the most, as well as extend the operating life of your systems. 

If you didn’t schedule a furnace inspection last fall, it’s never too late to benefit from a thorough tune-up by a qualified professional. And since it’s nearly time to turn off the heat and turn on the A/C, why not schedule your air conditioner inspection and tune-up at the same time?

Here are some of the tasks your HVAC technician will perform when tuning up your equipment:

  • Lubricate the interior moving parts to prevent friction.
  • Tighten connections that become loosened over time, including gas and electrical.
  • Inspect your furnace for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Inspect your air conditioner for correct levels of refrigerant.
  • Measure the airflow to ensure it conforms to system specifications.
  • Measure the flue gases of your furnace to ensure your emissions are within system specifications.
  • Test the controls of your furnace and air conditioner to ensure your systems cycle properly.
  • Thoroughly clean and inspect essential components.
  • Inspect your ductwork for obstructions and damage that can result in considerable air loss.
  • Inspect and calibrate your thermostat for accuracy.

After your air conditioner and furnace inspection and tune-up, you can help maintain the efficiency of your systems by keeping the area around them clean. Check your air filter every month, and when it’s dirty, swap it out for a clean one to protect your unit’s interior, ensure proper airflow and improve your indoor air quality.

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