In Quarantine, Total Indoor Comfort Means a Whole Lot of Extra Time

Check out what these folks have been up to while sheltering in place in 2020.

Assuming your HVAC is working well and you have enough toilet paper, you’re hopefully safe at home right now. We’ve compiled a list of funny tweets and photos of the crazy things people are doing to pass the time…

For example, look at this lady. She has some skills! We’d love to have a tiny knit Air-Tro van for the front desk.  Also, do we want to take bets that someone out there will name their child Covid?

Indoor Comfort, HVAC

The following is so true for anyone who is talking with colleagues online while working at home. Which one of us gets to be Paul Lynde?

Air Conditioning

We enjoyed Mad Men as much as the next person, but not sure if Jon Hamm knows he’s about to be married or whether or not he has a smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostat

This next one feels like a great idea. We’re so proud of our first responders all over the country who are risking their lives for others. Let’s set aside our differences and support those on the front lines of this crisis. Helping others is a great way to take one’s mind off one’s own problems, in our experience.


Here’s to your safety and good health as we navigate this uncertain time. And if things aren’t going well? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our incredible community organizations like Foothill Unity Center or Meals on Wheels if you or someone you know needs help. Be well, and don’t touch your face!

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