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Indoor Air Quality and Lung Health: a Connection That’s Never Been More Important

Now’s the Time to Make Your HVAC Safe for Everyone in Your Home

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First, let’s get this out of the way: as much as we’d like it to, HVAC cannot alone prevent transmission of disease, viruses, and other scary stuff. With so many scams online right now offering to treat, or cure the myriad health issues facing Americans right now, we needed to remind you of that. We want to remain a company you can count on for integrity and value, no matter what. So there you go.

That said, we came across an interesting article recently in the New York Times, discussing overall lung health, and its impact on your body’s ability to handle everyday life, as well as current community health risks. As Dr. Meredith McCormack, American Lung Association spokeswoman and Johns Hopkins University Associate Professor of pulmonary and critical care explained to the newspaper, “With indoor pollution, we have a lot of control over more aspects of our exposure,” Dr. McCormack said. “In addition to a source of risk, it’s a source of opportunity. It’s a good time to change habits.”

First, if you’re a smoker, now’s the time to stop. Plain and simple. If you can’t (and we know this is a tall order), consider nicotine delivery patches that put less stress on your lungs. Consult your doctor for help. If you live with a smoker, think about having a conversation to discuss the real risks of secondhand smoke.  Right now, it matters more than it ever has before.

Second, open your windows whenever possible, especially while cooking fried foods or doing any kind of roasting. The particulate from certain cooking methods or even the nitrogen oxides from gas stoves have been shown to exacerbate existing respiratory issues (this of course assumes you don’t live directly by a freeway or a cement factory. In that case, keep the windows closed!).

Finally, and here’s where Air-Tro comes in: consider a UV air sanitizer for your existing HVAC system. A residential adaptation of the technology used for air purification in hospitals, UV light sanitizers can help you eliminate mold, bacteria, fungi and even viruses from spreading through your indoor air. With a carbon-activated air purifier, you can also eliminate toxic chemical odors and particulate as well.

Change your air filters regularly. Whether or not you have UV light sanitizers, a clean air filter is a cheap and easy way to ensure most irritants have been removed from your indoor air.

Get your ductwork inspected at least once a year. Pests and outside critters can set up shop inside a warm, cozy air duct and in turn provide a steady stream of fur, dust and dander into your indoor air. An HVAC technician can also check for moisture leaks, another source of mold and fungus that can play havoc with your ability to breathe.

Normally, these are steps we recommend for anyone with allergies, or existing respiratory issues. In today’s world, however, overall lung health has never been more important. As Dr McCormack told the New York Times, “Increased [air] pollution increases susceptibility to infection.”

Maintaining your HVAC appropriately is one way you can keep your family healthy and strong in light of all kinds of risks. Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and above all, be safe.

Is it time for an UV air sanitizer for your HVAC system? Call Air-Tro today. (626) 357-3535.