Air-Tro Takes Your Safety Seriously, with an HVAC Team You Can Trust

When It Comes to Home Security or Air Conditioning Repair, Peace of Mind Is What Counts

air conditioning, service and maintenanceIn a day and age when every newspaper has a story about property crime or worse plaguing our suburbs, your well-being and that of your family has never been more important. At Air-Tro, all of us are parents and children, husbands, and wives. We read those articles too, and worry about safety and security. In fact, we’d be the first to remind you: while you can buy (and use!) a home alarm or security cameras, paying attention to who comes into your home may be the most significant safety decision you’ll ever make. Whether a handyman or a housekeeper, an HVAC technician or a gardener, you need to know whether that person can be trusted. Who are they? What’s their story? Are they someone you want in and around your home, near your spouse, or your children?

At Air-Tro, we care about safety more than anything else. It’s why we’ve worked hard to build a team of long-term employees who have undergone extensive background checks, certifications, and interviews. We don’t hire just anybody to drive a van with the Air-Tro decal on it. That name means something to us, and we’re willing to do whatever we have to in order to preserve its integrity.

And you know what? It shows. Consider some of the reviews by technician of individual employees we’ve received, given by customers just like you.

Dale Travis:

air conditioning, service and maintenance

Dale was great! I was very happy that he diagnosed the problem quickly and had the replacement part in his truck. The cost of the repairs was very reasonable. I’m a satisfied customer and will call again next time my AC breaks. Thank you!

 Our service man was delightful!

Cole Capps:

air conditioning, service and maintenance

Cole did an excellent job – all workers were professional.

 Cole is a sweet, hard-working, courteous young man.

Cole and Daniel were wonderful. Over the years, the service technicians have been great.

Kevin Berry:

air conditioning, service and maintenance

 Kevin Berry, in our opinion, is the epitome of a great salesman – and is a definite asset to Air-Tro, Inc. We have worked with him on several projects – he has consistently surpassed our expectations. His communication skills are excellent. He is the reason we have stuck with Air-Tro for so long.


Joshua Ferrell:

HVAC technician, air conditioning

I was very impressed with Josh. He explained everything to me in detail. I felt like he was looking out for my best interest. I must say I’ve never been disappointed with Air-Tro.

The maintenance agreement has kept our very old system in perfect working order. Joshua’s recent visit was typical of the Air-Tro employees in that he fixed and maintained our system without any pressure to purchase any unnecessary replacement equipment or service.

Joshua came out to our house and was very helpful. He explained what was needed and then got it quickly done. Very happy with the service.

At Air-Tro, safety is why we’ve worked hard to build a team of long-term employees who have undergone extensive background checks, certifications, and interviews.

If you need repair, service or even a new air conditioning system, you can trust the Air-Tro team to provide you with excellent service and trustworthy personnel, every time and for every job. For us, it’s about more than HVAC. It’s peace of mind.

Need service or repair for your air conditioning system? Call the experts at Air-Tro. Safe, courteous and certified employees are standing by to help! (626) 357-3535.