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Is Your Ductwork Making Noises? Banging And Clatter Mean Something’s The Matter

Is Your Ductwork Making Noises? Banging And Clatter Mean Something’s The Matter

Is Your Ductwork Making Noises? Banging And Clatter Mean Something's The MatterUnexpected or unexplained noises in your heating and cooling system can be very unnerving. Ductwork making noises should definitely be taken seriously, as should new or unfamiliar noise anywhere in your HVAC system. However, even serious-sounding noises might have a simple explanation and an easy fix.

Rattling and clattering
Loose or detached ductwork sections can cause many noises, most of which will be associated with metal clashing against metal. Rattling, banging, clattering, tapping or similar noises could be caused by the loose section of metal ductwork making repeated contact with another section as air flows through the system.

You may have to hire a professional HVAC contractor to track down loose ductwork, especially if the noise is coming from a relatively inaccessible area such as from behind a wall or inside a ceiling. If you can locate the loose ductwork yourself, you can re-seat it within the adjoining section and make sure the connection is tight. To add additional security, seal the connections with mastic, a specialized sealing compound designed for use on ducts, or with metal tape. Avoid sealing or securing ducts with standard duct tape, since the adhesive on this type of tape can dry out and fail over time.

Clicking and cracking

Clicking, cracking, ticking and related noises can be caused by the metal of the ductwork expanding and contracting as heated or cooled air travels through it. Warm air makes ductwork expand, while cold air makes it contract. As the ducts move in and out, they make contact with the wood frame, rafters, floorboards, pipes or other structures. When they contact these other items, they produce the noises that you hear. A building or HVAC contractor can reposition the ducts or expand the area where the ductwork is making contact with other material.

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