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When the Seasons Transition, Don’t Forget Heat Pump Maintenance Monrovia

When the Seasons Transition, Don’t Forget Heat Pump Maintenance Monrovia

Heat Pump Maintenance MonroviaTake advantage of the break between summer cooling and winter heating to get important heat pump maintenance done. Unlike a conventional central air conditioner, your system isn’t going into mothballs for the winter. A heat pump simply shifts into the heating mode and continues keeping your home comfortable. Wear and tear goes on and issues like energy-efficiency and performance remain a priority. Scheduling heat pump maintenance during a transitional season like fall prepares the system for the winter’s heavy cooling load at a time of year when the demand is reduced.

You’ll need to call for a professional maintenance check-up with your HVAC contractor to receive the kind of specialized expertise that heat pump technology requires. First, however, here are a few things you can do yourself.

  • Examine the outdoor compressor. Have summer weeds or other vegetation grown up around it? Cut back any growth to establish two feet of clear space around the vents for adequate air circulation.
  • Remove any limbs, leaves or other debris from the upper fan grille of the outdoor unit.
  • Install a new system air filter and plan to replace it every month during heating season.

Here’s what a qualified HVAC technician will handle during the scheduled maintenance appointment:

  • Check the refrigerant charge. A low level of refrigerant reduces system efficiency and endangers the expensive compressor. If your refrigerant is low, there’s probably a leak somewhere. An HVAC technician has the tools and expertise to find it and fix it.
  • Verify all wiring connections, run capacitors, switches and other electrical components outdoors and indoors.
  • Clean dust and dirt from the outdoor coil.
  • Open up the indoor air handler and inspect the coil for accumulation of dust and dirt as well as potential mold growth. He’ll use coil cleaning solution to restore its full heat transfer efficiency. In case of mold, Environmental Protection Agency-approved disinfectants will be applied.
  • Check for proper function of the condensate drain system. If there’s any sign of mold or algae in the drip pan or drain lines, install time-release biocide tablets.

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