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Los Angeles HVAC: Ways to Maintain and Troubleshoot Your Ductless Mini-Split

Los Angeles HVAC: Ways to Maintain and Troubleshoot Your Ductless Mini-Split

Los Angeles HVAC: Ways to Maintain and Troubleshoot Your Ductless Mini-SplitWith compact components and versatile installation options, ductless mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners are ideal for cooling and heating practically any area of a home or outbuilding. Ductless systems also offer superb energy efficiency if they’re well maintained. Use these tips to ensure your ductless system is operating at peak efficiency this season.

Ductless Maintenance

Though ductless systems are smaller to accommodate than their central A/C cousins, ductless systems require similar maintenance and care. Free airflow is essential for maximum heat exchange and air purification, so homeowner care for ductless systems largely consists of keeping parts and components clean of dirt and grime.

Many ductless systems offer permanent air filters that may simply be hand washed and air dried. Clean the filter every one to three months depending on system usage. A dirty filter increases energy bills and wears on other components. It can also lead to a freeze-up of the evaporator coil, compromising indoor air quality.

The coils and compressor need occasional cleaning as well. For the indoor evaporator coil, you may use a soft cloth or brush to clean it every three months. The condenser coil and compressor are located in the ductless cabinet outside the home. Use a garden hose to spray the cabinet once a month. Make absolutely sure that the power to the unit is turned off.

Troubleshooting Tips

It’s always helpful to know a few troubleshooting tips in the event your ductless system is acting up. There are several circumstances that may cause the ductless unit to malfunction or not reach peak cooling and heating efficiency.

  • Mold and algae growth can clog the drain line during the cooling months. Check the outside cabinet every few weeks to ensure condensate is draining properly.
  • Keep weeds, grass clippings and other vegetation and debris away from the outside cabinet. Like the indoor evaporator coil, the condenser needs free airflow to maximize efficiency.
  • If your handheld remote is giving you problems, press the reset button or change the batteries.

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