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Furnace Repair Monrovia: A Good Furnace Filter Offers Many Benefits

Furnace Repair Monrovia: A Good Furnace Filter Offers Many Benefits

Furnace Repair MonroviaWhether you are one of the many Californians who suffer from allergies or are simply trying to improve the air quality within your home, choosing a good furnace filter can help remove dust, pollen and bacteria from circulating throughout your house. Knowing the different types of filters available will help you make the best decision based on your needs.

Disposable Fiberglass

Disposable fiberglass filters are one of the most basic forms of filters. Their main uses are to prevent dust, lint and other debris from clogging your heating system and are cost effective but do little to clean the air in your home.

Disposable Pleated

These are more common filters usually made from cotton paper or polyester. They help remove some indoor pollutants such as mites and spores; however, they must be changed often to be effective. Disposable pleated filters can also cause your furnace to work harder due to the restriction they place on air flow increasing the cost of running your heating system.

Disposable Electrostatic

Disposable electrostatic filters are also made of cotton paper, however, have self-charging electrostatic fibers that help to catch smaller particles. They are ideal for homes with children or pets but can have higher costs if your furnace requires custom sizes.

Permanent Electrostatic

Like disposable electrostatic filters, permanent filters are able to collect smaller particles but can be removed and washed to extend their life, up to eight years. In addition, like their disposable counterparts custom sizes can be expensive.

High Efficiency Pleated

Made of 4-5-inch pleated synthetic cotton, these are one of the most efficient furnace filers available. They are commonly used in hospitals and are helpful in homes where the occupants have respiratory issues due to their ability to attract the smallest particles. They require special housing so they cannot be placed in all furnaces and must be changed once per year.

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