Did You Know that Houseplants Could Clean the Air in Your Home?

Did You Know that Houseplants Could Clean the Air in Your Home?

Did You Know that Houseplants Could Clean the Air in Your Home?Being in the HVAC business, we have lots of solutions available for improving your home’s IAQ (energy recovery ventilators). We also feel that it’s important to bring some renewed attention to a natural method that works for many local Pasadena-area households. We’ll call it the houseplant air cleaner. Besides making your home look nice and smell good, indoor plants can make your air supply healthier for your family. Here’s how plants work their magic to clean the air in your home.

The Science Behind the Houseplant Air Cleaner: Photosynthesis and Air Purification

Plants absorb gases through pores in their leaves and roots during photosynthesis. This is the process they use to convert the sun’s rays (light energy) and carbon dioxide (CO) into chemical energy needed for growth. Plants can also absorb other gases and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like benzene, emitted from household items like pesticides, fabric furnishings, carpets and tobacco smoke. Formaldehyde contained in certain dish detergents, fabric softeners, carpet cleaners and even cosmetics is also absorbed. Microorganisms in potted plant’s soil also helps to neutralize VOCs and other harmful airborne contaminants.

Bad IAQ Is Bad News for Your Health

VOCs and other pollutants, like ozone, are linked to adverse symptoms in people exposed to them. You and your family members could suffer headaches, sinus problems and nausea from breathing polluted indoor air. Scientists studying “sick building syndrome” also found it can even interfere with concentration, making it harder for the kids to get their homework done. VOC exposure can also contribute to asthma flare-ups and may even lead to serious diseases like cancer and respiratory ailments.

Thanks to the humble houseplant air cleaner, you can help eliminate pollution from your indoor air supply, naturally. If this low-tech solution from Mother Nature isn’t providing enough air purification for your home, consider HVAC solutions to help clear the air. We offer options like whole-house air purification that works with your central A/C and heating systems. Duct cleaning, filtration options and regular HVAC maintenance may also be helpful.

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