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Energy Recovery Ventilators Boost Indoor Air Quality and Save Energy

Energy Recovery Ventilators Boost Indoor Air Quality and Save Energy

Energy Recovery Ventilators Boost Indoor Air Quality and Save Energy; home ventilation system los angelesMany homeowners are interested in the potential energy savings of air sealing their home. Although finding and fixing air leaks can indeed save energy and money, tightly sealed homes can risk poor indoor air quality without proper ventilation. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) provide a solution for this problem by not only venting outdoor air in, but also by using that outdoor air to decrease energy usage.

What Are Energy Recovery Ventilators?

This kind of ventilator does more than standard mechanical ventilation systems, which simply replace stale, polluted indoor air with fresh, outside air. In winter, energy recovery ventilators move warm air out of your home through the heat exchanger, which transfers heat to cooler, outdoor air as it is brought indoors. Recovering that heat keeps winter’s chill outside and saves energy by minimizing the work your heater must do. Similarly, in summer, cool air is moved out and used to chill warm, outdoor air coming into the house, maintaining your home’s overall comfort.

The Benefits of ERVs

Energy recovery ventilators can be significant investments initially, but they have important potential benefits that should be carefully considered.

  • They will maintain indoor air quality in airtight homes in airtight homes. If odors persist in your home or if ventilation for stoves, heaters, or your garage is an issue, a ventilator will be an irreplaceable ally in fighting indoor air pollution.
  • They can save as much as 80 percent of energy by recovering heat and precooling or heating air as it enters your home. This will reduce stress on your overall home heating and cooling system, which extends its life as well.

It is important to maintain your ventilator, and they should be cleaned periodically to prevent buildup and maintain optimal performance. To have a professional HVAC technician service your ventilator, home ventilation system Los Angeles, or for more expert advice on considering the potential benefits of energy recovery ventilators, contact Air-Tro, Inc. We are your one-stop source for indoor air quality, home ventilation system, and other home comfort needs in the greater Los Angeles area, and we look forward to lending you a helping hand today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater Los Angeles, California area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). home ventilation system los angeles

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